Memory Persists

(Diploma year 1 fundamentals. Group creative direction)


Concept Overview

"Memories are what defines us as who we are, each memory we have makes a difference and impact in our lives. In our final concept, we derived to closely relate “memory persist” with brain waves. Putting our research into context, when a person dies, there are different stages of brain wave activity till the brain stops functioning completely, and these stages are associated with the last moments of “consciousness”. The total time we used to project those images is 30 seconds taking into consideration the actual amount of time taken between the first stage to the third stage before the brain completely stops functioning. The placement of these brainwaves are also planned out, taking into consideration the sudden brain activity “after death” with some brain waves more distinct than the other, and finally, surrounded by straight lines, the fourth stage, where the brain completely stops working. 


The reflected projected images represent the significant memories that might be in our head at the very last “conscious” moment after death, amidst the infinite amount of memories we are going to experience. Finally, in relation to “memory persist”, our aim is to let the viewers know about the infinite possibilities and memories in stored for them, that no matter what happens, there will always be important aspects of our lives, the past present and future holds great promises in each and every one of us even though there may be times of sorrows and misfortune."



Watercolor illustrations: Karen Chan


Date of completion: 2015